Here there be faerie knights and seers, vampires and man-eating ondines, shape-shifting cats, prophecies, dragons, and murdered queens.

I would say “enjoy your stay,” dear wanderer, but I fear your trip through Faerie will be a mite too uncomfortable for that. Still, you will find friends and allies here, as well as enemies and hearts that yearn and bleed. This is Faerie, after all.

The Crown of Seasons series is being written and released one drop of ichor at a time. Be apprised of each release with a missive sent directly to your bower.

Blog Posts:

February Book Fairs

A book fair promotion all about faerie stories? Yes, please, count me in! Just imagine the books lovingly displayed on a variety of tables. Or like one of those Scholastic Book Fair pamphlets teachers handed out for you to peruse and drool over. Come visit the faerie book fair! But since one collection of books isn’t enough, I also joined this promotion of free fantasy and science fiction books. Pretend these are on the table next door. Would you like to pick some up your way out? Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi books here. Enjoyed yourself at the fair? I’m glad!…

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Lockwood & Co on Netflix

The Lockwood & Co book series by Jonathan Stroud has been one of my all-time favorite series for years now, one I periodically return to and re-read. Or, in the case of the first book, The Screaming Staircase, re-listen. (I adore the first book’s narrator). So when a TV series was first announced years ago, I got hyped. And this past weekend, the series debuted on Netflix. The premise is that “50 years ago,” ghosts began rising from the dead with the ability to kill whomever they touched. Unfortunately, only kids and teens can see and sense them well enough…

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The Free Fantasy E-Books Promo & the Ballad of Tam Lin

I’ll admit, I’m really excited for this promo. When I saw an author included their retelling of Tam Lin, I had to not only join in the fun and join the promo, but also share it with all of you. (And snatch up Tam Lin immediately!) Also, just look at all those dragons. Free dragons! This promo comes with free dragons. Head to the promo and collect many free fantasy books, Tam Lins, and dragons. Speaking of the ballad of Tam Lin, have you heard Faun’s version of it? Even though I don’t speak German, I am swept away every…

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More Covers, “Sword & Spell” short story release!

In my last post, I showed off my new, upgraded cover for “Coming Home.” Now to mention that Fealty got a new cover and “Sword & Spell” did, as well! A friend of mine, Heather Wilde, designed “Sword & Spell”‘s cover. (I hope to better introduce her to you later.) Many thanks are also due to Timothy Eberly for the photo credit. I’ve been searching off and on for a girl holding a sword for years, and I found this amazing one in five minutes this weekend, right when she needed most to appear. I’m so pleased. New Year’s was…

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Cover Upgrade!

2022 is coming to a close. Before the final hours wane, I want to give a shout-out to Stardust Book Services (who have such a cool name) and show off the first of the updated covers. “Coming Home” used to be a Canva cover with clip-art which I was enormously proud of, considering what it was and how little experience in design I have. Now, I have my first-ever, very own, hand-drawn cover done by a professional artist. I’m still reeling! If you already own a copy, the new cover should have already appeared for you. Otherwise, I just submitted…

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Fantasy Heroine series

I don’t know how I stumbled onto Jill Bearup’s work on Youtube, but she’s amazing. She’s an actress who does stage combat and loves to make fancy dresses with pockets compatible with hiding secret weapons. She also reviews combat sequences in films. Most recently, she started posting a story told through a sequence of Shorts that became so fun and popular that it just kept going. Check it out! “The Fantasy Heroine vs. The Writer” by Jill Bearup, Season 1: The story becomes more elaborate in Season 2, with more daring escapades and a masquerade ball. “The Fantasy Heroine…

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Fealty: A Faerie Novel (Complete to Read)

Happy Halloween 2022! Fealty is now complete-to-read on Kindle Vella and here on the site. With the first 3 episodes automatically available on Kindle Vella, and with the 200 free tokens you receive as a new reader, you can read the first 10 episodes for free and try out the story to see if you’ll like it. (See my previous post if you’d like instructions.) Fealty Prequel Novel. Two years ago, Abend swore to protect Madel, a young shifter girl who is prophesied to become queen. Now, Abend’s coming-of-age birthday is a week away, when she must formally declare herself…

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How to Read Faerie Stories on Kindle Vella

Serialized fiction written and released in episodes/chapters that you read on your cell phone is not a new concept. The format is extremely popular in Japan, Korea, and China. In the English-speaking world, this reading style is less mainstream (we tend to prefer buying an entire book at once), but we do have Wattpad, Radish, Tapas, Webnovel, Inkitt, and other sites and apps slowly becoming more popular and known. In July 2021, Amazon released its new serialized fiction platform, Kindle Vella, for the US serial market. If you’ve never read on a serialized fiction platform before, the learning curve on…

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Autumn Equinox – 2 Releases!

Happy release day! Book releases and launches are always super exciting and doubly so when they come in twos! Today on this the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn equinox, I hereby release to you two prequel stories in the Crown of Seasons series. “Coming Home” is a short story and Fealty is a full novel, both featuring the main characters of the upcoming, currently-untitled Book One. I love immersive worlds featuring characters full of depth. I love interconnected stories and series that become rich tapestries. You can read as much or as little as you’d like. Chapter One of “Coming Home” is…

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Love Between Fairy and Devil (Chinese xianxia 仙侠 drama, 36 episodes)

I love watching Korean and Chinese dramas, but it’s rare that I will stumble across one that I will both watch all the way through and then also precede to gush about to everyone I think might be remotely interested. Dear reader, are you interested? Its protagonists are an orchid fairy and a “devil” (aka demon or dark faerie, there’s no exact equivalent in Western folklore) from the moon tribe. It has some really intense character growth–think Zuko of Avatar the Last Airbender. Its supporting cast also has an amazingly rich storyline. It asks deep questions and probes at the…

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