Love Between Fairy and Devil (Chinese xianxia 仙侠 drama, 36 episodes)

I love watching Korean and Chinese dramas, but it’s rare that I will stumble across one that I will both watch all the way through and then also precede to gush about to everyone I think might be remotely interested.

Dear reader, are you interested? Its protagonists are an orchid fairy and a “devil” (aka demon or dark faerie, there’s no exact equivalent in Western folklore) from the moon tribe. It has some really intense character growth–think Zuko of Avatar the Last Airbender. Its supporting cast also has an amazingly rich storyline. It asks deep questions and probes at the nature of love, emotions, sacrifice, and righteousness. It’s amazingly detailed, intricate, and interconnecting. Not to mention its special effects and costuming are gorgeous.

Oh, and it doesn’t forget to have humorous moments like body-swapping aplenty.

From the official summary: This 2022 drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, which focuses on the story of the angsty love between the arrogant devil Dongfang Qingcang and the soft and cute little fairy Xiao Lanhua (Orchid).

If you’re interested, you can watch the first episode below, and the full playlist is here. After the first two episodes, you will need to subscribe to iQiYi’s channel to access their VIP content, but at $5-6 dollars (depending on your region), it’s so worth it!

Love Between Fairy and Devil, Chinese xianxia drama, full episode 1. Watch the entire series on iQiYi for $6.
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