Fealty: A Faerie Novel (Complete to Read)

Happy Halloween 2022! Fealty is now complete-to-read on Kindle Vella and here on the site.

With the first 3 episodes automatically available on Kindle Vella, and with the 200 free tokens you receive as a new reader, you can read the first 10 episodes for free and try out the story to see if you’ll like it. (See my previous post if you’d like instructions.)


Prequel Novel.

Two years ago, Abend swore to protect Madel, a young shifter girl who is prophesied to become queen.

Now, Abend’s coming-of-age birthday is a week away, when she must formally declare herself loyal to the Queen of this realm of Faerie or suffer the consequences–That is, if the royalty don’t kill her or Madel first at the masquerade ball the prince has invited her to attend as their supposed guest of honor.

When a murderous prince invites you to attend a ball, he doesn’t let you say “no” . . . .

It is recommended to read chapter one of “Coming Home” first. However, the chapter is included as a prologue both on Kindle Vella and here on the site.

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