Cover Upgrade!

2022 is coming to a close. Before the final hours wane, I want to give a shout-out to Stardust Book Services (who have such a cool name) and show off the first of the updated covers. “Coming Home” used to be a Canva cover with clip-art which I was enormously proud of, considering what it was and how little experience in design I have. Now, I have my first-ever, very own, hand-drawn cover done by a professional artist. I’m still reeling!

If you already own a copy, the new cover should have already appeared for you. Otherwise, I just submitted the story to be free again at all retailers, this time permanently, now that more is coming together. In the meantime, “Coming Home” is always free on Ko-Fi.

Behold the new cover. Thank you, Fakel and Nastasia at Stardust Book Services!

“Coming Home”

Coming Home” is a prequel short story introducing the characters of the Crown of Seasons world.

Two weeks ago, Abend watched helplessly as her parents were slaughtered in the chaos following the High Queen Autumn’s murder. Orphaned and on the run in a wintry mortal forest, Abend stumbled upon an ondine who promised to take her back to Faerie–but for a price. If she agreed to protect a certain faerie child with her life, then she herself would be given protection, shelter, and what’s more…a home.

But Abend had failed to prevent her parents’ death. How could she now hope to protect a girl who is prophesied to become queen? The reigning queen of this backwater realm of Faerie has plans to commit a murder of her own….

As I settle before the fire, toasty in my blanket, I have to gush a little about this show I just found. I have perhaps been living beneath a rock, (or out in a rainy pine forest), but I just this month discovered Hilda on Netflix. It’s about a girl who has all kinds of folkloric adventures.

Here’s the trailer: (Ignore the non-folkloric music).

I just finished Season 1 and I’m on my way to Season 2. Season 3 is in the works! I will also have to track down the graphic novel. Have any of you seen/read Hilda? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. […] In my last post, I showed off my new, upgraded cover for “Coming Home.” Now to mention that Fealty got a new cover and “Sword & Spell” did, as well! A friend of mine, Heather Wilde, designed “Sword & Spell”‘s cover. (I hope to better introduce you to her later.) Many thanks are also due to Timothy Eberly for the photo credit. I’ve been searching off and on for a girl holding a sword for years, and I found this amazing one in five minutes this weekend, right when she needed most to appear. I’m so pleased. […]


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