More Covers, “Sword & Spell” short story release!

In my last post, I showed off my new, upgraded cover for “Coming Home.” Now to mention that Fealty got a new cover and “Sword & Spell” did, as well! A friend of mine, Heather Wilde, designed “Sword & Spell”‘s cover. (I hope to better introduce her to you later.) Many thanks are also due to Timothy Eberly for the photo credit. I’ve been searching off and on for a girl holding a sword for years, and I found this amazing one in five minutes this weekend, right when she needed most to appear. I’m so pleased.

New Year’s was full of finalizing covers, posting the final chapters of Fealty to Substack so it’s fully available there, polishing “Sword & Spell,” and uploading it here on the site for premium subscribers, to Substack, Bookfunnel, and Payhip, (then collapsing to read Holly Black’s latest faerie release, The Stolen Heir . . . and also try to process all the emotions of having all my own work now available to read. What remains are rough drafts.)

Yes, none of these are the usual retailers (Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc.). However, prequel and tie-in fiction can clutter up or not appear on retailers’ series pages which focus just on the main series novels, and thanks to Bookfunnel, you can send “Sword & Spell” to your preferred reading device or app, if you prefer one of the others. 🙂

If you’ve never heard of Substack, it’s a newsletter platform and app that encourages writers to write to their heart’s content. Substack sends out posts via e-mail and app. In this case, I’ll be experimenting with both fiction and non-fiction content. So far I just have fiction up, and it’s been fun seeing how well Fealty holds up to reading within my inbox under Substack’s snazzy minimalistic design.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to introduce the last of the prequel stories so far.

“Coming Home” and Fealty both are Abend point-of-view stories. Now it’s young Madel’s turn for a story all her own . . . .

“Sword & Spell”

A short story taking place after “Coming Home” and Fealty.

All her life, Madel has been under guard due to the prophecy spoken at her birth.

In the normal way of things, she would be content to let her guardians fight, sense for poisons, deflect spells, and stop assassins for her.

But enough is enough. Even a cage made of friendship is still a cage.

The problem is, no one will let her fight or defend herself no matter how much she asks for the freedom to prove herself.

Be careful of wishes, for they just might come true.

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