Amazon KDP just terminated my account.

Amazon KDP, Amazon’s self-publishing platform, just terminated my account, saying that my account was connected somehow to another account that violated their terms and conditions.

Although I do have multiple pen names, I do not have multiple accounts, so I am undergoing the appeals process.

In the meantime, if you purchased one of my books on Amazon, it should still be in your library to read, and all of my stories are available in multiple formats.

Till the next great adventure,

Lora S. K. Knight

ETA, June 5, 2023: After going back and forth with the KDP support team for several months, I have been told definitively that my KDP account will not be restored to me. I am assuming (since they won’t tell me what happened) that Coming Home, the free short story e-book I’d been promoting on lots of big “free books!” websites, was picked up by a pirating account. And since that pirate account got shut down, and the Amazon bots matched my book’s contents with theirs, Amazon thinks I was mixed up in pirate-business.

The fallout is that Coming Home will no longer be available on Amazon and Fealty will no longer be on Kindle Vella. Future stories in the Crown of Seasons world/universe/series will be released on Amazon, but via Draft2Digital, meaning I will not be able to coordinate advertising on Amazon, offer free books there, participate in Kindle Unlimited, or control things like book series pages.

I’ve also decided not to re-release Coming Home or Fealty to Amazon via Draft2Digital in case it triggers another block. Till then, there are many other platforms to choose from, and if you prefer to read Coming Home on your Kindle app or device, you can send it to your Kindle via Bookfunnel here.

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